Admission Procedure

Admission Criteria

The school has the full responsibility for placing the pupils and students in the proper class after examination. Successful applicants will then be issued with :

* A Registration Form
* The School Brochure
* Medical Certificate Form

Admission Policy

For parents that have up to 4 children in the school, the fourth child will not pay development fee and will only pay 10% of tuition.

Application Process

The Pupil/Student returns the completed form and a copy of the teller showing evidence of payment accompanied with the following:

* 1 Recent Passport photograph
* Entrance Exam
* Testimonial
* Medical Certificate (if any)
* Letter of undertaking by Parents/Guardian

School Fees

School Fees are paid first week of resumption. Fees can be paid termly or for the whole session at once. Cash allowed but cheque payments are not allowed; all monies are paid into the bank or School.

Extra Requirements

* Black shoes with White socks (Secondary)
* Black shoes with white socks (Primary/Nursery)
* Black belt for boys(Secondary)
* School Bag
* Mathematical Set(Secondary)
* A pair of canvas for sports